com Benched The Great Christmas Light Fight I Can Find $3,000 in Your Home I Like You Just the Way I Am I Survived a Japanese Game Show. Nevertheless it retains a devoted, if small, fanbase. Nightmare Sequence: Lucius belly dancer dreams in Jimmy, Don t Be A Hero. It had two seasons, and ended by not being renewed for a third in 2011 despite announcements for one. Running the town is Lucius Heinous VII, the tiny CEO of Misery Inc, which manufactures products designed to make people miserable. The first season is animated in ToonBoom while the second is in Adobe Flash. Nice, Mean, and In-Between: Jimmy is friendly and optimistic and the Morality Pet to Heloise, a sadistic Mad Scientist who has a crush on him.

Beezy is the inbetween, being the lazy one who constantly fights with Heloise. It centers around the miscellaneous adventures of the eponymous Jimmy Two-Shoes, a boy who is perpetually happy and optimistic despite living in Miseryville, a miserable town populated by monsters and demons. No Celebrities Were Harmed: Humphrey von Sidekick s voice is a caricature of Bing Crosby jimmy pop dating. Odd Couple: Beezy and Heloise as a subplot in Miseryville Marathon. His two best friends are Beezy, Lucius not-so-evil, not-so-intelligent son, and Heloise, Lucius top inventor who harbors a massive crush on Jimmy. com Benched The Great Christmas Light Fight I Can Find $3,000 in Your Home I Like You Just the Way I Am I Survived a Japanese Game ShowWelcome to Miseryville.      N-S  Negative Continuity: The circumstances in which Lucius s father was frozen changes all the time, though it might be intended jimmy pop dating.

The Nudifier: Heloise s trained moths in Better Sweater. Jimmy Two-Shoes (called Jimmy Cool in some regions) is a Canadian animated television series, focusing on adventure and comedy. It was created by Edward Kay and Sean Scott, and aired on Teletoon, Jetix Europe, and Disney XD..
. No Guy Wants an Amazon: Heloise has this dynamic with Jimmy, though she doesn t care and continues to pursue his affections regardless. ...

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